Bible Wonderland
Bible Wonderland Bible Wonderland
Bible Wonderland Bible Wonderland Bible Wonderland Bible Wonderland
Bible Wonderland

Bible Wonderland Children's Feedback

Favourite Scenes

Scene 1    -   103 Children liked it
Scene 2    -   15 Children liked it
Scene 3    -   1 Child liked it
Scene 4    -   1 Child liked it
Scene 5    -   6 Children liked it
Scene 6    -   5 Children liked it
Scene 7    -   6 Children liked it
Scene 8    -   8 Children liked it
Scene 9    -   3 Children liked it
Scene 10   -   7 Children liked it
Scene 11   -   4 Children liked it
Scene 12   -   16 Children liked it
Scene 13   -   8 Children liked it
Scene 14   -   46 Children liked it
Scene 15   -   97 Children liked it

Marks out of 10

10   -   309 Children
9    -   42 Children
8    -   9 Children
7    -   7 Children
6    -   3 Children

What would you change about Bible Wonderland?

"I wouldn't change anything, it was amazing."
"Nothing, it was beautiful."
"Nothing - it was amazing."
"No way - don't change it!"
"More stories."
"More animals."
"More things to touch."
"More interactive."
"Some chairs to sit on."
"More scenes / make it bigger."
"More... wow!"
"More music."
"More angels."
"More moving / speaking people."
"Dress up to match scenes."

Bible Wonderland Teachers' Feedback

Marks out of 10

17 teachers gave 10/10
3 teachers gave 9/10
2 teachers gave 8/10
1 teachers gave 7/10

Comments from Teachers

"Excellent, clear, concise information."
"Bible Wonderland supported the curriculum - the scenes were amazing."
"Move movement needed."
"All scenes were very good."
"Perhaps add scripture references on each scene, so children can look in the Bible afterwards."
"I enjoyed listening to the stories."
"Simplicity of it all!"
"Real or fake palm branches so the children can wave to Jesus."
"A shorter narration for 5 year olds perhaps?"
"Make it even bigger!"
"Want more children to experience this exhibition."

What did you, as a Teacher, learn?

"How to teach the Bible using scenery - listening and touching."
"Baptism of Jesus."
"Overview of everything."
"Children enjoyed some of the parables not taught or heard before."
"Scenery was good and used to teach more at school."

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Bible Wonderland
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Bible Wonderland
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