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July 2017

January 2017

Our new series for 2017 is Bible stories simply told, re-telling famous stories in a new, accessible, simple and easy to understand way.

Start re-reading these stories now from the stories simply told section of our site.

Autumn 2016

A new 10 part series on the life of Paul has just been added to the website, where you can collect and colour the story of this famous man and the amazing things he did for Jesus.

This will be published over 8 weeks throughout October and November.

May 2016

Out latest exhibition takes place in Dalserf, South Lanarkshire, with over 115 visitors to the exhibitions.

Again, we enjoyed a lot of teaching opportunities with our many visitors, who all had a great time!

Autumn 2015

The Bible Wonderland exhibition arrives in Monklands, King's Church, with over 170 visitors.

A lot of teaching was done, and many new friends made.

Do remember that you can contact us if you want to chat about getting Bible Wonderland to visit your town!

January 2014

The first Bible Wonderland of 2014 will be in March, and will take place in Harthill on the West Lothian border.

This is the time for the first exhibition on the life of Jesus, His Person and Work, and preparations have started so that the best presentation will be given!

The second exhibition this year will be in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

The aim of 2014 is to have both exhibitons operational so that the one does not have to borrow equipment from the other, as at present.

So we are praying for new lights and audio systems, such as mp3 players, sound cards and interactive products to help the story to be remembered.

Other enquires for the year are also in the pipeline.

Autumn 2013

During a week in October, Bible Wonderland took place at Coatbridge, C/S Middle Church, where we launched our newest show called Paul's Story. This is a 12 scene walk-through exhibition on the life of Saul of Tarsus. Most of the artwork has been done and overseen by Mrs Beverley McCluskie who has a great talent for portraying an event clearly and capturing the atmosphere of the times. It begins with Jesus appearing to His disciples after his resurrection, the joy and happiness this brought took the disciples from hiding to rushing around the streets claiming Jesus was alive. During the stoning to death of the first Christian martyr Stephen who had also been preaching in the streets, we see Saul holding the clothes of those stoning Stephen and agreeing with their actions. After this he goes on the Road to Damascus persecuting Christians to the point of death and then having a personal encounter with the Risen Lord Jesus his life changes dramatically, from persecutor to missionary.

About 560 people came, mostly school children and young folk, but at least 60 of that number were adults who enjoyed it and found it re-awakened within them the story of the impressible Paul who once was Saul of Tarsus.

The visitors have mp3 players which explain the story, with background music, and there is a lot of interaction with hands on events, plotting Paul's journeys, creating sound effects such as the earthquake and watching Paul be rescued from the sea to the Island of Malta.

It was a thrilling to time to see so many respond to the good news that Jesus is alive!

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