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Parable of the Sower

This story can be found in Matthew 13:18-23

Once Jesus was sitting in a boat and talking to a crowd of people on the shore who had gathered to listen to his teachings.

Jesus told them a story about a farmer sowing the ground to try and produce a crop.

Some seed didn't get a chance to grow and got eaten by birds.

Some seed fell on ground that was rocky and hard and only grew a little bit with shallow roots before dying off when the sun scorched it,

Other seed got chocked among thorns and thistles and didn't last either.

And yet other seed landed in good earth and this seed didn't just grow well but produced a great harvest!

When the people who were close friends of Jesus asked him later about the story, he explained that it was like people hearing the good news he had about God's kingdom.

Some people hear and get distracted before they can take it in. Other people hear about God's kingdom and, and first, they are really pleased - but then they lose interest or get disappointed because they don't stick at it.

The third kind of people who hear about God's kingdom let worries or riches clutter up their life instead.

But the last kind of people are those who are really glad to hear about the things of God and who like to learn more and more about Jesus.

This kind of people just get stronger and stronger and help other people to know about Jesus and God's kingdom too!

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