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The Good Samaritan

One time a man was proving to Jesus that he knew God's commandments well. He said, '"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind"; and, "Love your neighbour as yourself."'

And then the man asked Jesus to explain about who this "neighbour" was.

So Jesus told him a story - all about a Jewish man who was going from Jerusalem to Jericho - along a rough bit of road that Robbers sometimes hung about.

Well, this poor guy was mugged - big time! Those robbers took his money, his clothes... and very nearly his life! The man was badly beaten and left for dead at the side of the road.

Then, one after the other, three people came down that same road and saw this injured man.

The first person to come along was a man who was a paid religious leader of the Jews. He took one look at the beat up guy and shot over to the other side of the road to avoid him!

The second person to come along was also Jewish. He was a man who studied God's word - but HE didn't go near the poor chap either. This second man shot across to the other side of the road too - and kept on going!

And then Jesus told of another man coming along the road. Now this man was from a place called Samaria. And the Jews and the Samaritans DID NOT get on.

The Jewish people looked down on the Samaritans - big time! They wouldn't eat with them or talk to them.

Well, this Samaritan chap took one look at the beat up man... and rushed to his rescue!

This hated Samaritan got down in the dirt and not only tried to clean up the robbed man... but got the guy onto his own donkey and carted him off to an Inn. And it didn't stop there!

This Samaritan stayed overnight to care for the man and then left money for the Innkeeper to do the same!

After Jesus finished, he asked which of the three people in his story the good "neighbour" was. And of course the answer was... the one who had helped.

A good neighbour wasn't just someone who lived near you or like you - it was someone who helped.

The Good Samaritan Rap

There was a guy one day goin' down to Jericho.
He started out fast but he ended up slow!
Some robbers they got him, they hurt him real bad
He started out happy, but he ended up sad!

Along came a vicar, who looked real nice
He saw the man and he didn't think twice
He looked at the blood, and he looked at his clothes
He looked all around and then he turned up his nose!

Next came a guy, a real cool dude.
He liked to be nice he liked to be good.
And then his concern, man, it just fades.
What if this guy has got the dreaded AIDS!

But then comes a man, our hero of course
People laughed at his music, they laughed at his clothes
But he didn't care what they thought of him
He liked to help. Man, that's no sin.

He saw the Guy lyin' on the ground
He thought, "Goodness me what have I found
This dude looks wasted, this dude looks beat
I'll give him a hand, man, that'll be neat."

So he helped him to an inn and he said to the keeper
"I better give you some money, he looks like an eater!
I'll be back in town in a little while
Look after this dude, try and raise a smile."

"I'll settle with you later if money you're due
You be good to him and I'll be good to you"

So love your neighbour as yourself
It's good for your soul, it's good for your health
If you want to inherit eternal life
You have to turn to Jesus - He'll end your strife!

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