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Baby in a Basket

This story can be found in Exodus chapter 2, and tells the story of the beginnings of Moses.

Read along with the story below, and click on the links to colour in the pictures online.

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Page 1

Pharaoh had decided to kill all the Hebrews' new-born baby boys.

A Hebrew family living near the palace were worried; Amran and his wife Jochebed were expecting another baby.

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Page 2

Jochebed tried to hide the baby everywhere but eventually she could do so no longer.

So she made a beautiful basket for him and laid it among the bulrushes at the side of the river.

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Page 3

The princess was bathing in the river and found the basket.

"What a beautiful baby", she said. "He must belong to a Hebrew".

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Page 4

Miriam, asked the princess, "Shall I find a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby?"

The Princess agreed, so Miriam fetched her mother.

The baby was named Moses.

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Page 5

When Moses was older he went to live in the palace with the princess.

But he knew he was a Hebrew and that his own people were slaves to Pharaoh.

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Page 6

"Just give Moses a few more years to grow into a fine strong man", God thought to himself, "then he will lead the Hebrews - my special people - to freedom in the Promised Land".

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