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Daniel and the Lions

This story can be found in Daniel chapter 6, and tells the story of when Daniel had a surprise encounter with some lions!

Read along with the story below, and click on the links to colour in the pictures online.

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Page 1

Daniel lived in Babylon and was a good and kind man who loved God very much.

Three times a day, he knelt at the window of his house and prayed to God.

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Page 2

King Darius called Daniel and said, "Daniel, I want you to look after part of my kingdom for me".

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Page 3

The people of Babylon did not believe in God. They prayed to statues.

Some of them even prayed to king Darius! But Daniel knew it was wrong.

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Page 4

Not everybody liked Daniel. So they plotted to get rid of him.

They told the king that everyone should pray to him alone for 30 days and that anyone who didn't should be thrown to the lions.

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Page 5

Daniel was arrested for not praying to the king.

King Darius was very sad because he loved Daniel very much and knew he'd been tricked.

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Page 6

Daniel was lowered into the lions' den.

Then the stone was rolled across the entrance.

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Page 7

Very early the next morning, king Darius hurried to the lions' den.

The stone was rolled back and there was Daniel, alive and unharmed.

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Page 8

King Darius was so happy his friend was safe.

He ordered the plotters to be arrested and that everyone should believe in Daniel's God, because He is the only true living God.

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