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Jonah and the big fish

This story can be found in the book of Jonah, and tells the story of Jonah, who had a surprise meeting with a very large fish!

Read along with the story below, and click on the links to colour in the pictures online.

You can also print out and colour this story in full from our Tumble Down Stories download page.

Page 1

Jonah disobeys God by not going to Nineveh and instead he boards a boat to Spain.

During a storm, Jonah is thrown overboard.

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Page 2

A large fish swallowed Jonah.

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Page 3

After three days and nights, the fish spat Jonah out onto a beach.

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Page 4

Jonah goes to Nineveh and tells the people that in forty days God will destroy the city.

They believed him, so they all fasted, put on sack cloth and sat down in ashes.

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Page 5

God forgave the people and Jonah was angry.

He went into the desert where God made a plant grow up over him to give him shade, but the next day it died.

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Page 6

God said, "The plant is like the city of Nineveh. Isn't it better for me to have pity on a city of so many people?"

Then Jonah understood and he went back to Israel.

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