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Ruth and Naomi

This story can be found in the book of Ruth, and tells the story of Ruth's journey with Naomi.

Read along with the story below, and click on the links to colour in the pictures online.

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Page 1

After Mahlon and Chilion had died, Naomi, Orpah and Ruth went on a long journey to Judah, Naomi's old home.

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Page 2

On the way, Naomi looked sadly at Ruth and Orpah and said, "I shouldn't be taking you to my country.

You should go back to your own families. They will find new husbands for you both".

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Page 3

Orpah went back to her family, but Ruth stayed with Naomi.

When they reached Judah, all Naomi's friends and relations hurried out to greet them.

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Page 4

It was harvest time, so Ruth went into the fields to gather grain for bread. Boaz, the owner, saw her.

The workers told him all about Ruth and how she wouldn't leave Naomi's side.

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Page 5

Boaz decided to marry Ruth, so he gathered the ten leaders of the town to tell them.

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Page 6

Ruth and Boaz were married and they took Naomi to live with them in their new home.

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