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Samson the Super-strong

This story can be found in Judges chapter 13, and tells the story of Samson, who had a very special skill.

Read along with the story below, and click on the links to colour in the pictures online.

You can also print out and colour this story in full from our Tumble Down Stories download page.

Page 1

Samson was born to Manoah and Jessica. An angel told them to never cut his hair, and as he grew older he became very strong.

Once a lion sprang at him, but he managed to kill the lion with his bare hands!

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Page 2

The Philistines tried to trap Samson in the city of Gaza by closing the city gates, but Samson just pulled them up.

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Page 3

Finding out that Samson's strength was in his hair, Delilah lulls him to sleep and cuts his hair.

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Page 4

Samson was now as weak as anyone else, and the Philistines captured him.

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Page 5

Samson was chained and put to work at the mill in the prison.

But his hair started growing again.

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Page 6

Samson pushes the two pillars and brings the building crashing down, killing all the Philistines and himself.

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