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Solomon's Secret

This story can be found in 1 Kings chapter 3, and tells the story of a very wise King.

Read along with the story below, and click on the links to colour in the pictures online.

You can also print out and colour this story in full from our Tumble Down Stories download page.

Page 1

When Solomon was made king, one night he heard God's voice say "I will help you. What would you like me to give you?".

Solomon asked for wisdom.

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Page 2

Solomon grew to be a very wise king. One day two women came with a baby.

The first said, "Not long ago we both gave birth to baby boys. Hers was sick and died".

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Page 3

The first woman said, "she got up during the night while I was sleeping and took my baby, putting hers in his place".

"No!" said the other woman, "This baby is mine; that dead one was yours!".

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Page 4

"Stop!" ordered the king.

Then he ordered a soldier to cut the baby in two and give half to each woman.

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Page 5

The real mother threw herself at the king's feet.

"No! Please don't kill him! She can have him..."

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Page 6

"Stop!" said the king. "Don't kill the baby.

Give it to this woman because she is the real mother".

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