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The Easter Story

This story can be found in the Gospels, and tells the story of Passover, the crucifixion, resurrection and the empty tomb.

Read along with the story below, and click on the links to colour in the pictures online.

You can also print out and colour this story in full from our Tumble Down Stories download page.

Page 1

Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and lots of people cheered Him as King.

They laid down their cloaks and robes for Him to ride over, some folk threw Palm tree leaves on the ground for the donkey to walk over.

This is why it is called Palm Sunday.

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Page 2

Jesus died on the Cross because He Loved us.

This is why He is the Saviour of the world.

He took the punishment for all our sins and wrong doing.

When He died they laid His body in a tomb.

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Page 3

The guards who had been watching the tomb of Jesus had a frightening experience when there was a violent earthquake and an angel came and rolled away the stone that was in front of the tomb.

They were so scared they shook and became like dead men.

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Page 4

Mary and her friends were first at the tomb on Resurrection morning they had come to put spices on Jesus body.

What a surprise when they found an empty tomb!

Later, Mary came back again and stood crying at the tomb.

Jesus came to her and spoke to her and how happy she was that He was alive.

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